Sunday, November 18, 2007

This year's Nation Branding Masterclass

Just recovering from my annual Masterclass in London, sponsored by BBC World, which was attended by trade, tourism, foreign affairs, culture, sport and other officials from 52 countries. This was the second of these annual events and on this occasion I invited guest presenters from some of the sectors involved in shaping the images of countries and cities: public diplomacy represented by David Steven of Riverpath Associates; sport represented by Greg Curchod of TSE Consulting in Lausanne; culture represented by Brigita Stroda of the Latvian Tourist Board; tourism represented by Sue Warren of Mjesto; and measurement and evaluation represented by Patrick Spaven of Spaven Associates. The audience was even bigger and more diverse than last year, and it's fascinating to meet so many practitioners and scholars from all over the world, brought together by a discipline which, ten years ago, didn't exist at all. During the coming year, we will be taking the Masterclass to a number of locations in the Middle East, Asia, Eastern Europe and the Americas.